Wed 24 Jul 2024
Caltech reaches potential settlement in Apple, Broadcom Wi-Fi patent lawsuit
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Caltech reaches potential settlement in Apple, Broadcom Wi-Fi patent lawsuit


Caltech, Apple, and Broadcom have reached a “potential settlement” in their patent infringement lawsuit over Wi-Fi chips. Caltech had previously won a verdict of increasingly than $1.1 billion in the case, but the ribbon was later overturned.


Blake Brittain for Reuters:

The potential settlement was disclosed in a magistrate document filed in U.S. District Magistrate in Los Angeles without remoter details pursuit a telephone conference. It was unclear if the try-on involved both Apple and Broadcom.

The magistrate ordered the parties to file a joint status report by Aug. 18.

A U.S. appeals magistrate overturned the ribbon last year and ordered a new trial on damages, finding the value was “legally unsupportable.” A trial that had been scheduled to uncork in June 2023 was postponed indefinitely in May.

Caltech told a Texas federal magistrate on Tuesday that it had settled a related lawsuit versus Samsung. The university has moreover sued Microsoft, Dell, and HP over its Wi-Fi patents in cases that are pending.

Samsung and Caltech said in a joint filing that they had settled in principle and asked the magistrate to pause the specimen while they finalize their agreement.

In late July, the U.S. Supreme Magistrate declined to hear a bid by Apple and Broadcom to revive their challenges to Caltech data-transmission patents.

MacDailyNews Note: See CalTech’s “potential Settlement” document in full here.

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