Mon 26 Feb 2024
New concept imagines multi-colored Braided Solo Loop bands for Apple Watch
Apple Watch Series 3

New concept imagines multi-colored Braided Solo Loop bands for Apple Watch


Alongside the Apple Watch Series 6 last fall, Apple introduced a Solo Loop style band available in braided polyester yarn and silicone rubber materials. A new concept this week imagines how Apple could expand its selection of Braided Solo Loops with multi-color designs.


The new concept comes from Basic Apple Guy on Twitter, who has mocked up a trio of different designs. Currently, Apple’s Braided Solo Loop is available in five different colors, but none of the designs are multi-colored like this concept.

Interestingly, some sellers on Amazon have already designed multi-color braided solo loops for Apple. These don’t look as polished as Apple’s own Braided Solo Loops, nor do they look as clean as this concept from Basic Apple Guy. There are multiple different options to choose from on Amazon, though, if you’re impatient.

One thing to consider is that Apple has only recently caught up with demand for the existing Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop accessories for Apple Watch, so it may be slow to roll out new designs and color options.

We’ve heard that Basic Apple Guy has more concepts to share soon of the Braided Solo Loop, so be sure to follow him on Twitter for the latest. Here are the three concepts he’s shared so far:

What do you think of Apple’s new Solo Loop design for the Apple Watch? Do you prefer the Braided Solo Loop or the rubber Solo Loop? Would you be interested in a multi-color design made by Apple? Let us know down in the comments!

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