Sat 25 Mar 2023
How to download exclusive wallpapers in Shazam for iPhone and Apple Watch
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How to download exclusive wallpapers in Shazam for iPhone and Apple Watch


How to download sectional versifier wallpapers from Shazam on iPhone

Years ago, when Shazam was introduced, it was scrutinizingly untellable to believe the app wasn’t using any magic to snift songs. Fast forward to the present time – most people looking to identify songs have Shazam installed on their devices.

While Shazam is once tropical to perfect, the team has widow a new full-length that will make you love the app more. You can now download your favorite versifier wallpapers for iPhone and Apple Watch from the app without spare cost! But since this is a new feature, you might wonder how to download artists’ wallpapers in the Shazam iOS app. Read withal to find out!

What is sectional wallpaper on Shazam?

With the recent update, Shazam has widow a full-length where you can download your favorite versifier wallpaper from the app for iPhone and Apple Watch. Tai Verdes is one of the first artists whose wallpaper is misogynist to download. The wallpaper was introduced as part of promoting his concert.

Other than Tai, it has been officially confirmed that users will see sectional wallpapers of increasingly artists in the upcoming days.

Download versifier wallpapers for iPhone and Apple Watch from Shazam app

According to 9to5Mac, you can wangle the artist’s sectional wallpaper by visiting the official page. Currently, you can wangle the Tai Verdes Shazam sectional wallpaper by opening the official link.

  1. Open the Shazam app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the artist page. Here, you’ll see the “Exclusive Downloads” section with self-ruling wallpapers and watch faces.
  3. You can get a preview of the wallpaper and how it will squint on your iPhone lock screen and watch face.

That’s it!

It’s unconfined to see Shazam bringing new features within the app since that helps the fans showcase their love for the artist. What do you think well-nigh this new wallpaper move by Shazam? Let us know in the comments.

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