Sun 19 May 2024
How to use Zoom on Apple Watch
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How to use Zoom on Apple Watch


How to use Zoom on Apple Watch

The Zoom full-length on Apple Watch is a lifesaver for people with vision problems. Despite the tiny screen size of the device, it enables users to view details on the screen increasingly clearly. The watch lets you zoom out, scroll the screen, and zoom in with vital finger motions. Keep reading to learn how to enable and use Zoom on your Apple Watch.

How to turn on Zoom on Apple Watch 

  1. Press Digital Crown
  2. Head to SettingsAccessibility

    Go to Serviceability on Apple Watch
  3. Tap Zoom
  4. Toggle on Zoom

    How to enable Zoom on Apple Watch 

Note: Adjust the zooming by tapping the plus or minus sawed-off on the Maximum Zoom Level. 

Use iPhone to turn on Zoom for Apple Watch

  1. Launch the Watch app on your iPhone.  
  2. Tap My Watch
  3. Go to AccessibilityZoom
  4. Toggle on Zoom

    How to enable Zoom via Apple Watch app on iPhone

Note: You can limit the max zoom by dragging the Maximum Zoom Level slider. 

Enable hand gestures for Zoom 

  1. Go to Watch appMy Watch
  2. Tap Accessibility Zoom Hand Gestures
  3. Toggle on Hand Gestures
  4. Choose any option unelevated Customize GesturesI’m choosing Double Clench. 
    • Clench 
    • Double Clench 
    • Pinch 
    • Double Pinch 
  5. Select Toggle Zoom. You can moreover segregate Pan Forward, Pan Backward, or None. 

    How to enable Hand Gestures for Zoom

Moreover, to get the Visual Signal feature, you can moreover vivify the Activation Gesture.
Tap on Activation Gesture → segregate one from Double Clench or Double Pinch → toggle on Visual Signal

Use serviceability shortcut on Apple Watch

  1. Launch the Watch appAccessibility
  2. Scroll lanugo and tap Accessibility Shortcut
  3. Select Zoom

    Set Apple Watch serviceability shortcut on iPhone

You’ve now created the shortcut to unshut Zoom. To enable/disable the shortcut function, printing the Digital Crown three times. 

How to tenancy Zoom on Apple Watch 

Now that you have enabled Zoom on your Apple Watch, scroll lanugo to learn well-nigh executive Zoom on your Apple Watch. 

  • Zoom in or out: Use two fingers to double-tap the Apple Watch screen. 
  • Move virtually the screen: With two fingers, you can stilt the screen in the direction you wish to proceed. The small Zoom sawed-off on the Apple Watch exhibit indicates your precise location on the screen.  
  • Using Digital Crown: Use the Digital Crown to move up-down and left-right virtually the display. Tap the watch with two fingers to vivify the feature. 
  • Modify the magnification: To retread the magnification, double-tap the watch screen with two fingers and stilt your fingers up or lanugo to get the perfect view.  

Zooming out…

The Apple Watch’s Zoom function is a godsend for visually challenged people, but it may be an annoying full-length if you are not one of them. You just need to Zoom out on your Apple Watch to get rid of that inconvenience. Comment on whether you think the Zoom option on the Apple Watch is a boon or a bane. 

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