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How to Transfer Passwords to New iPhone? (4 Methods)
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How to Transfer Passwords to New iPhone? (4 Methods)


Are you looking for the weightier method of how to transfer passwords to new iPhone? If yes then you are at the right place on the internet. 

You can succeed this by either using AirDrop to share variegated passwords or by valuables up your old phone and restoring the replacement on your new device. Segregate your preferred method by reading our thorough instructions unelevated and know how to transfer passwords to a new iPhone easily.

How to Transfer Passwords to New iPhone? (Here are 4 Methods)


If you want all the passwords you previously used on your old phone transferred to your new one, you have several trustworthy solutions at your disposal.

They’re all supported by World and depend on various iOS-based device features to make sure that only the phone owner can wangle the passwords. Select one of the approaches outlined unelevated to finish this crucial duty quickly.

1. Password transfers via AirDrop

This method employs a Bluetooth connection to transfer content directly between the two iPhones, which calls for proximity from both devices. This is quite easy and you can prioritize it first to well-constructed the task. 

Further, it likewise serves in transferring all the saved passwords to your new phone automatically. The pursuit describes how to share passwords using AirDrop:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth, Wifi, and AirDrop on both phones. 
  2. Go to Settings>>Passwords.
  3. Select the password that you want to share.
  4. Now tap on the Share Sawed-off at the top right corner(beside edit).
  5. Lastly, select the target phone by tapping on AirDrop.

2. iCloud KeyChain’s Password Transfer feature

Another seated function enables password mart instantly between two iPhones. You only need to provide new iPhone wangle to iCloud Keychain since it was created particularly to store all of your passwords securely. If you decide to use this approach, you must follow these steps:

  1. In first, make sure your old iPhone is unfluctuating to the internet.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Tap on your World ID at the top.
  4. After tapping on your profile, select iCloud from the pursuit page.
  5. Tap on Passwords and Keychain.
  6. In the next step, enter each password you want to requite KeyChain wangle to.
  7. Now, the same tideway can be used to use the iCloud KeyChain full-length without turning on the new iPhone.
  8. At last, all passwords are downloaded to the new iPhone as soon as you log in to KeyChain.

3. Passwords To New iPhone Transfer Making Use of Encrypted iTunes Backup

Like the iCloud keychain backup, the encrypted replacement of your saved passwords can moreover be created in iTunes. In this case, you use a PC or Mac to transfer the encrypted replacement to your new iPhone. To create a backup, follow these instructions:

  1. In the first step, unshut iTunes on your Mac or PC.
  2. In the next step, join your iPhone by using a USB cable.
  3. Now, segregate the mobile device icon in iTunes.
  4. Here, the option to encrypt local replacement can be found by selecting “Summary” and then checking it.
  5. After that, it will sooner ask you for resetting a new password for any willy-nilly backup. Once you’ve entered a strong, memorable password, the replacement will start.
  6. Now, if you’ve once made a replacement of this phone, you can start a fresh replacement by clicking “Back Up Now” and inward the previous password.
  7. After that, you can powerfully make a replacement of your phone on a PC in this manner.
  8. In the next step, connect your new iPhone, go to the same interface, and click “Restore backup” to transfer passwords from one iPhone to another.
  9. Finally, the data and passwords you have backed up will be transferred to your new iPhone.

4. Single-Click Password Transfer to New iPhone

The three methods mentioned whilom can help you transfer passwords to your new iPhone, but if you’d like to do more, like move all of your data with a single click, you’ll need a third-party program tabbed AnyTrans.

This program is made to move and manage the data on your iPhone. You may quickly transfer passwords with this program. Everything from iPhone to iPhone may be transferred using AnyTrans, including pictures, videos, contacts, messages, books, ringtones, and more.

More crucially, you may examine data surpassing uploading it and segregate which data types to transmit selectively or all at once without losing any information. Let’s examine how to utilize it powerfully now.

  1. At first, install and run AnyTrans on your computer; then, under the Phone Switcher mode, select Phone to iPhone.
  2. In the next step, click the Next sawed-off to start the transferring procedure without the app has identified your iPhones.
  3. After that, you will uncork it by clicking on the data types you desire to transfer and pressing the Next sawed-off right yonder to it. After some time, you will see the Successfully transmitted page.
  4. Also, with you, you can without much hassle meant quickly transfer all your saved passwords to your new phone from the old one with just a click away.
  5. At last, simply click the Next sawed-off without selecting All.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I transfer keychain passwords to a new iPhone?

Ans. Passwords will be included in both encrypted backups and all iCloud backups. Additionally, if you have iCloud Keychain zingy on the previous phone, doing so on the new one will transfer your credentials.

Thus, unless and until your replacement data are encrypted, the saved passwords are not unscratched in your  “download from media” section.

2. Passwords saved via iPhone backup?

Ans. When you encrypt the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch backup. As a result, you hands lock and squint for encrypting the saved data using the “Encrypt local backup” tab seeming on the Finder or iTunes application. 

Backups that are encrypted may contain data that unencrypted backups do not: the passwords you’ve saved.

3. Does the replacement on iTunes save passwords?

Ans. When you encrypt the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch backup. As a result, you hands lock and squint for encrypting the saved data using the “Encrypt local backup” tab seeming on the Finder or iTunes application. Backups that are encrypted may contain data that unencrypted backups do not: the passwords you’ve saved.

4. Will World iCloud Keychain work for me?

Ans. On your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you should enable iCloud Keychain if you haven’t already.

And, it thus functions like a full-featured password saved in the integrated form of iOS and macOS devices. Also, it syncs the hair-trigger login information and brings all the World devices for a well-constructed encrypted login in biometric authentication.

5. Does wiping the iPhone wipe erase everything?

Ans. Your personal information is substantially deleted from your iPhone when it is reset. However, the factory settings will be kept. There is no need for an iPhone reset code; it is simple.

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Final Words


Every PC or mobile user must create numerous finance for pretty much everything he uses. How to transfer passwords to a new iPhone becomes a really difficult procedure with all these accounts. Passwords can be saved, backed up, and recovered for World device users via a variety of techniques.

They could succeed that using airdrop, the iCloud keychain, a secured iTunes backup, or a third-party application. Password transfers are simple if you follow the above-described instructions for each of these and now you can hands know how to transfer saved passwords to new iPhone.